A hotel near Notre Dame du Travail? FRED HOTEL!

Notre-Dame du Travail church, close to Place de Catalogne, in the 14th arrondissement is not like any other church. Who would imagine that the nave is a metal vessel made up of 135 tons of iron and steel! Supported by fine pillars and light arches, the inside is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower or the Garabit viaduct. These arches come from the Palais de l'Industrie built by architect Victor Viel and engineer Alexis Barrault for the Universal Exhibition of 1855, demolished in 1899 to make room for the Grand and Petit Palais.


 The history of Notre Dame du Travail

Notre Dame du Travail was built between 1899 and 1901 to replace Notre Dame de Plaisance church which had become too small for the district, which welcomed large number of workers in charge of setting up structures for the Universal Exhibitions of Paris at the start of the 20th century. Its name "Our Lady of Work" pays tribute to the workers working tirelessly during this period and its interior style plunges us into the realm of the worker. The church was first classed as a historic building in 1976 for its interior, façades and roofs, and then for its entirety in 2016.


 Original architecture with a blend of styles

The architect Jules Godefroy Astruc was in charge of the construction. This dual faceted church appears rather classic on the outside but reveals its true identity on the inside. The designers of the church seem to have wanted to leave no hint of the surprise awaiting inside. The nave is made up of an entirely metallic structure. The unique marriage of metal and apparent wooden beams is quite unusual and bewildering. The metal framework creates the familiar realm of the worker.


 The artworks and Art Nouveau style of Notre Dame du Travail

Notre Dame du Travail, built between 1899 and 1901, houses many works of art in the Art Nouveau style (late 19th, early 20th); Georges Serraz was the main artist for the sculptures of the Church, as well as his son Michel Serraz in the 90s. When the church was being erected, Georges Serraz brought his contribution by creating the Vierge aux Fleurs (the Virgin with flowers) and the Pieta. You can see Jesus on the Vierge aux Fleurs; Georges Serraz was inspired by his own grandson’s face to carve the young Jesus. The Pieta evokes the dead and the pain of war, represented by the mother’s grief. Michel Serraz himself sculpted the Main Créatrice in 1990, a monumental sculpture: a huge hand the size of an adult protecting and carrying a couple, evoking the divine power.


 FRED HÔTEL near Notre Dame du Travail

FRED Hotel near Notre Dame du Travail is just a 9-minute walk to the site, the hotel being near Montparnasse, the same district as Notre Dame du Travail.

Walking from the FRED HÔTEL to the Square of Montsouris: leaving FRED HÔTEL, turn right on rue Villemain until you reach rue Raymond Losserand. Take a left on rue de Gergovie till you reach the green lane of rue de Vercingétorix. Head right and go to 59 rue Vercingétorix.

By public transport from FRED hotel up to Our Lady of the work: we recommend you go on foot as it’s the fastest route to get there.


 A little side tour of Notre Dame du Travail

A hotel close to Montparnasse, FRED HÔTEL is also close to the Montparnasse Tower. Visit the Montparnasse Tower a few minutes’ walk from Notre Dame du Travail. The Montparnasse Tower is the tallest tower in Paris (after the Eiffel Tower!), offering a breathtaking 360° panoramic view from its 56th floor as well as its roof top terrace.