FRED HÔTEL near the impasse du Moulin Vert: Head for a stroll off the beaten track near our Hotel, Paris 14

Explore this quaint secluded lane just a few steps from rue d'Alésia, near our hotel in Paris 14 in the heart of the Montparnasse district: Impasse du Moulin Vert. This lush green little street is full of interesting history and an ideal place for a wander between two sightseeing spots.


Impasse du Moulin Vert: a charming spot of greenery to relax and recharge

Impasse du Moulin Vert is a haven of peace from the electric energy of Paris, delving curious travellers into an unexpected and enchanting universe. A stroll down this quiet cobblestone alley just off a main artery offers a refreshing change of scenery along a 130-metre long stretch. The colourful doors and shutters of the little houses at the start of the passage are a perfect marriage with the greenery adorning the façades, the trees reaching out of gardens, the sections of brick walls, and the freshness of flowers lovingly cared for by the residents.

Attentive visitors may notice a few details that could be missed at first glance: the figurine observing the comings and goings of passers-by, a recessed bell, various sculptures, signs and plaques with funny quotes… Full of life and character, the Impasse du Moulin Vert delights the senses and the imagination of walkers who venture there.


The Impasse du Moulin Vert: a place rich in history near FRED HÔTEL

In 1877 the Cité Chauvelot changed its name Impasse du Moulin Vert (green mill alley), in reference to the street of the same name a few steps away. The original name was chosen in honour of Alexandre Chauvelot (1796 - 1861) who became a real estate promoter after having grown up in a modest circumstances. He had a great influence on the development of the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The reference to the green mill came from the large number of flour mills built in the neighbourhood in the 18th century, subsequently turned into guinguettes, one which was painted green and gave its name to the street and then to the impasse.

Several historical figures left their mark here: at 26 rue des Plantes, at the entrance to the alley lived Jean Moulin and Lucien Legros, two key figures in the French Resistance during the Second World War. Movie buffs may know that number 25 Impasse du Moulin Vert was the place of residence (and death by suicide in 1982, at the age of 35) of the actor Patrick Dewaere. (185 mots avec le heading)


FRED HÔTEL near Impasse du Moulin Vert, hotel in Paris 14

FRED HÔTEL is close to Impasse du Moulin Vert, just a 5-minute walk away.

To get to Impasse du Moulin Vert from FRED HÔTEL, Paris 14, on foot: head down rue d'Alésia for 5 minutes until you come to rue des Plantes, on the left. The entrance to the lane is on the right side at 27 rue des Plantes. This is the best route to get to Impasse du Moulin Vert from  FRED HÔTEL.

To get to Impasse du Moulin Vert from Paris: the nearest metro stop is Alésia on line 14.  Several bus lines are also nearby: lines 28, 58 and 62.


A quick side trip on your tour after visiting Impasse du Moulin Vert

After your walk, stop by the Villa Seurat, a public street with residential buildings and artist workshops, easily accessible via bus line 62